For years the Latrobe Valley power stations have been allowed to operate toxic coal ash dams without strong regulations and best-practice guidelines to prevent contamination, putting our community at risk of serious health impacts. 

More than a century of coal mining in the Latrobe Valley has produced a toxic legacy and open-cut coal mines that dominate our landscape.

Friends of Latrobe Water (FLOW) is a group of people from across Gippsland who are fighting for the future our community deserves.

We respectfully acknowledge the Gunai Kurnai people as the rightful owners of this land, water and skies. Since time immemorial they have been the keepers of knowledge and guardians of Country. We recognise the inequality in our society and the systemic racism that disadvantages First Nations people, and that we cannot achieve justice for all without restoration of land and governance.

Water for Future

Understanding the implications of water use in mine rehabilitation.


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