Friends of Latrobe Water (FLoW) is a group of community members advocating for quality clean-up of Latrobe Valley coal mines and sustainable use of our region’s precious water as the mines are rehabilitated. After powering the state of Victoria for decades, our community deserves the best outcome for mine rehabilitation for our health and our environment.  


We envisage a strong and robust community who are united in the process of regional transition and rehabilitation of the landscape, a place where no-one gets left behind, and the changes we make are shaped around the needs of the people and our local environment.


Our Objectives

  • Protect and advocate for the Latrobe Valley’s water sources and connected waterways.


  • Protect and advocate for the protection of the Gippsland Lakes and Latrobe Valley waters from brown coal activities including mining activities, mine rehabilitation activities and coal ash contamination.


  • Informing, educating and supporting the Latrobe Valley and broader Gippsland community to take action on water-related issues in the Latrobe Valley and Gippsland Lakes.


  • Advocate for and facilitate a just transition in the Latrobe Valley that centres the needs of the local community, not big corporations, and the intrinsic value and rights of the ecosystems and services that these ecosystems provide to local communities.


  • Inspire and facilitate the development of community advocacy for a just transition through community education and community organising.